Trouble installing CENTOS from USB

I’ve spent a couple hours trying to install Centos from USB on a system that has no CD/DVDROM.

This blog and the comments are informative, but I keep getting stuck where it asks to install from Hard Drive. I see only the one partition and when using Ctrl+Alt+F2 to try to get the shell to switch them, i see a blinking cursor but cannot type. i can hit Ctrl+Alt+F1 to go back to the blue install screen or Ctrl+Alt+F3 to see some log info telling me that the iso was not found. I can type on that screen, to no avail.
I tried both iso2usb and unetbootin but must be doing something wrong.
Think I’m going to see if Ubuntu from USB goes any easier instead. Update, yes that worked much easier.
So after installing Ubuntu server, the system boots to a black screen with a blinking cursor. I realized grub got installed onto the USB stick instead of the HD. Put the USB stick back in and booted from it, then did grub-install /dev/sda to install grub on the HD, then all is well, the system boots without the USB stick.

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